The Skill of Newborn Photography

The Skill of Newborn Photography

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The significance of neonatal photography is to use the combination of realism and art to freeze this extremely precious state as a testimony to the starting point of the baby's life, it is also a warm memory reserved for generations.

Next, I will introduce some tips for shooting babies:
 Pay attention to light
The baby's eyeball is still developing, natural light is the best choice for shooting baby, and the best is the light at the window. If you are shooting during the day, you can push the baby to the side of the window to let the soft light shine in.
 Shooting mode:  
1. Overshoot is the most basic way to shoot. A 50mm fixed focus head can be used when standing up and down, avoiding the use of a wide-angle lens to avoid distortion of the picture.
2. When shooting the baby's whole body, pay attention to keep the lens light axis perpendicular to the baby's body plane.
3. In general shooting, the natural light of the window is used to achieve illumination, and the reflector is properly applied to fill the light. Pay attention to the position when shooting, do not block the light.
4. Flexibly change the shooting angle to get a richer picture.
5. The supine position is a very stable posture, and the baby's hands and feet are relatively concentrated, which is especially suitable for taking pictures showing small hands and feet.

Also, when shooting, focus on the baby's eyes close to you. If the baby is facing you, you can open the aperture, blur the background or create a front bokeh, so that the photo is completely focused on the baby. If the baby is facing you, you can shrink the aperture by 2-3 depending on the situation and increase the depth of field.


Wrap the styling cloth around the baby's neck, do not cover the head. The limbs should be gathered as much as possible, and the package should be as compact as possible so that the baby is more secure and the shape is better.



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