Microfiber Backdrops

Great For All Shots.

Microfiber backdrop is the typical product of Kate Backdrop. Taking the exclusively designed microfiber as material, the backdrop is wrinkle-resistant, washable, and durable for long service life.
Microfiber backdrops are great for strength, durability and portability for all photoshots. Fading is not a problem no matter how many times you use it!

Never Stop Innovating.

We use the most advanced thermal transfer technology, the process is more complicated, digital printing gives the backdrop a quite realistic pattern and strong stereo sense.
With over 14 years' expertise in backdrop-making, designing, and manufacturing, we are confident in all of our products.

Rubber Floor Mats

Design For Photo Studio.

After lasting years of unremitting research, we are proud of our revolutionary Rubber Floor Mat Collection which, is a solution for these troubles with uneven floors in photography studios, this is our good partner for microfiber backdrops.
Kate Rubber Floor Mat is sturdy and durable with a soft microfiber surface and a non-slip rubber backing.

Print Pattern Diversity.

With high-definition digital printing, the rubber floor mat provides quite real textures of wood, stone, or other customized patterns, perfectly matching the backdrops and standing out the subject. It can be solely used in newborn and baby photography, or match with backdrops for a smooth transition.
In order to be smoother after receiving the product, we use the rolled shipping method. The 2mm thickness is stable to walk on and easy to roll up for storage.

Collapsible Backdrops

More Professional.

Made with microfiber, it has most advantages of Kate microfiber backdrop: wrinkle resistance, a strong sense of reality, guaranteed long service life, etc. Provide neat, professional backgrounds for any kind of subject with this portable photography background.
This two-sided pop-up backdrop makes it really easy to switch backdrops in the middle of the shoot. 

Perfect For Traveling.

Perfect for an on-the-go photographer or one who doesn't want bulky equipment, this collapsible backdrop folds up neatly into a small circular carrying case. Perfect for storage or traveling by folded in a pretty decent size carrying case.
Collapsible Backdrop is uniquely designed with two colors and patterns on each side, perfect for your on-location photography. 

Hand Painted Backdrops

Artfully Textured.

With attention to detail, experienced painters take every artistic product seriously. Kate hand-painted backdrop is painted in multi-layers on resistant thick canvas to offer the fantastic depth, texture, and tonality that you can not find in any other backdrops. The high standard of quality serves as a really nice fine art and old master backdrop for your professional photography, especially portrait photography.
You will find this product ideal for more elegant portraits or business clients, Transport your models to an era of sophistication and high-style from within your studio.

Unique Painting.

Each backdrop canvas is carefully hand-painted by the experienced artist, so each hand-painted product is a unique design. While no two hand-painted backgrounds are the same, the texture and color of each background is designed to create a unique background recognizable style.
Kate hand-painted backdrops are uniquely customized upon your order and shipped worldwide to render excellent service to all customers.


When opening your package, you may notice wrinkles. Don’t panic! This is common from shipping.
Simply toss in a dryer with a damp cloth for 15-20 minutes. Lay flat or hang to cool. This should only be necessary one time as we use a special wrinkle-resistant fabric. Should your backdrop wrinkle again simply toss back in a dryer or touch up with a steamer.
This fabric is machine washable as well.

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Some backdrops are machine washable, some require just sponge cleaning and others are expendable. Some backdrops can be folded but some must be rolled or flattened to store. Different types of backdrops require different maintenance methods.
This in-depath article will help you clean and store different types backdrops properly.

Yes, pockets have been added to the backdrops.
The pocket depend on backdrop size,it will be usually on 5cm and 10cm.The small sizes(below 6.5x10ft) will sewing 5cm pocket in the top,other big sizes backdrops will sewing 10cm pocket, more convenient to hang. If you have special request, please contact us before you place the order.

Different occasions mean changes in backdrop size! Selecting proper backdrops can not only match the size of your subjects and spaces, but also add personality and aesthetic feelings to your sessions. To anticipate which size can work well for your shooting, here are 3 principles for reference when choosing backdrop size:
Size of Your Studio

Size of Your Subject(s)

Size Range of Backdrops

Read the size article

The effect of hanging it up will be a little different than what you see directly. Different lighting environments will show different results.We suggest you hang the backdrop up and take some whole photos under natural light.