7 Clean & Store Tips for Making Your Backdrops Last Longer

7 Clean & Store Tips for Making Your Backdrops Last Longer

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Without correct maintenance solution, backdrops may last no long. Therefore, knowing how to store and clean properly is quite important.

Some backdrops are machine washable, some require just sponge cleaning and others are expendable. Some can be folded but some must be rolled or flattened to store. Different types of backdrops require different maintenance methods.

This in-depath article will help you clean and store different types backdrops properly.

(The following instructions are the general standard, which are only for reference. You still should follow the care instructions of a specific product.)

General Principles for Maintenance

  • Store Them in Clean and Dry Place

Check the storage place for issues of humidity. Backdrops stored and used in humid environments will absorb moisture which can result in wrinkles in the material, and the bacterial growth can completely destroy the surface. Also, the sunlight can fade the backdrop. You need also check the room temperature and don't let the fabric backdrops be squeezed by any external force.

  • Regularly Clean Your Backdrops

Regular clean is important indeed. Otherwise, frequent use without clean in time will lead to stubborn stains which can be difficult to remove. However, regular clean never means excessive clean. Wrong clean solutions against the specific care instructions will destroy your backdrops

  • Use Dedicated Tapes or Clamps

Do not use common tapes or clamps to hang or fix your backdrops. They may do harm to your backdrops. Please use dedicated tapes or clamps to fix and store your backdrops. For your beautiful backdrops, BUY IT NOW: Nano Tape for Backdrops

  • Avoid Treading with Shoes

Unless there are requirements, you shall try to avoid walking on the backdrop with your shoes (except models). Clean your shoes or think over walking on your backdrops. If necessary, we recommend removable shoe covers which can be reused, or purchase a Rubber Floor Mat to match with your backdrop.

  • Put Backdrops in A Dryer on Low-heat

Some types of fabric backdrops can be dried by dryer, according to the care labels. Please turn the dryer on low-heat and follow the instructions on the backdrops’ care labels for what settings to choose. Dry the curtains for about 20 to 30 minutes.

  • Use Cool Iron or Steamer

Pay attention to the temperature of steam ironing. The heat of the iron may do harm to the backdrop. If necessary, you can choose a [hand-held steamer] to treat the wrinkles with steam or cool iron slowly over the backdrops which shouldn’t last too long.

  • Maintain Indoor Ventilation

No matter you use the backdrop in you studio or on-location, we suggest that you can open ventilation facilities or windows before the work in order to prevent dust and mold growth. This is not only good for your health but also keep the backdrops clean and tidy.

More tips for clean and store are in exploration!

Things You May Need

If you just got your hands on your first backdrop, here are some general tips for making sure you have the best experience with your new backdrop.


Exclusive Clean & Store Tips for Microfiber Backdrops
  • Tips for Clean

You can take the general principles as reference when handling these two. Most of them are washable safe, if there is no any other special instructions on the backdrop care labels. But please note, no cleaning for a long time may cause stubborn stains or even mold on backdrops. Never use strong bleach on colored ones which may damage them.

You must pay attention to the care labels on you backdrops before deciding how to clean them.

Please Note: Wash the Backdrop According To Care Labels

  • Tips for Store

These backdrops can be folded or sealed for storage, you can store them in cabinet or hang and line up on a stand.


For more Clean & Store Tips for your different backdrops, you can check this: Handbook of Photography Backdrops: Clean & StorePlease check our New Backdrop Collection and start to set up your home photography studio!



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