How to Shoot A Portrait in The Studio?

How to Shoot A Portrait in The Studio?

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When it comes to portraits, We are most impressed and the most exposed are the magazine covers.
Shooting such portraits, these knowledge points need to be skillful to you!

1.Continuous light source and flash light source

Continuous light source, in fact, the principle of continuous light source is very simple, whether it is artificial light or natural light has a kind of continuous light characteristics, such light source is continuous light.But in photography, we have a special or unique light source, because it continues to shine like a normal light bulb, so we call it a continuous light source.

Flash light source:flash is a commonly used photographic light source. It is characterized by high luminous intensity, stable color temperature, low heat generation, stable color and low power consumption. It is suitable for both static and dynamic subjects! But pay attention to practical skills when lighting!

2.Common lighting aids

  • Beauty Dish: It creates light between hard and soft light and is very interesting. In the picture taken with the beauty dish, the skin glows with a beautiful glow. Like hard light, it brings high contrast to engrave the facial features, while the edges of the shadows are not too sharp. It gives the picture a powerful impact, but it doesn't look hard.


  • Giant Parabolic Reflective Umbrella: This is a popular light control tool in fashion photography, and it is also very suitable for portrait shooting.   
  • Octagon Softbox: The Octagon Softbox is the most commonly used soft light tool and can be easily used in all types of fashion, beauty and portrait shooting.


  • Reflector: In the portrait photography, the practicality of the reflector is inevitable! Reflectors have nothing to do with two things: fill light and make eye light. Different reflectors work differently.


3. How to choose the backdrop

In the portraits of the studio, the choice of the backdrop is an obvious problem, and we often choose a monochrome backdrop with no pattern on the backdrop.
If the model's clothes are darker, or if you want to highlight the texture, we can choose a dark abstract backdrop.If you want to embody a bright, lively portrait style, then it is recommended to choose a monochrome light backdrop!





Although the monotone backdrop is the most commonly used, it will inevitably appear monotonous. If you need different shooting effects, you can choose according to your own wishes!

Thank you!

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