How To Use Black Ingeniously

How To Use Black Ingeniously

The proper use of black will add a strong sense of atmosphere to the work.

Photography is a game of light and darkness, and the proper use of black adds a strong sense of atmosphere to the work. Here are a few tips for you to take when shooting:

  • Highlight the performance outline:Commonly used photography techniques, the subject is darkened into pure black, and the outline is used to delineate its outline. The "dead black" that was originally a taboo of photography has an irreplaceable expressive power. 
  • Using light absorbing equipment :Use a black card or other similar light absorbing device to eliminate the unnecessary light in the photo, creating a picture with a prominent body and an elegant atmosphere.
  • Pay attention to eliminate the noise in the dark part:The dark noise of digital photography has always plagued photographers. When you want to express black, you must pay attention to the control of noise generation, such as turning on the camera's long exposure noise cancellation function, although this may prolong the exposure time, but the dark image quality is brought. Make up, it is still worth using.
  • Take the day as the night:Photography is the art of using light. With the help of the artificial auxiliary light source, you can change the proportion and structure of the light during the day, and shoot a picture with a cinematic effect.Of course, when using a hybrid light source, pay attention to the camera's white balance setting.


         Photo By Cathryn Gallacher

  • Use the details of the shadow to create the texture of the picture:
    The details of the dark part give people a space of delusion, and the dark and mellow tone adds a sense of weight and deepness to the work, which seems to be more attractive to stop watching.

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