Home Working Tips for Photographers

Home Working Tips for Photographers

With the lockdown across many cities, studios were temporarily closed, bookings were canceled, and we are increasingly advised to work from home. How photographers can optimise working from home? What are some amazing tips for photographers to work from home during lockdown? 

Want to improve your 2021 photography business RIGHT NOW? Today’s article will denefintely give you the working from home tips you’ve been looking for! Follow the step-by-step guide, take this opportunity to set up your workspace at home and get new skills, you’ll find it can be possible for a photographer to work from home.

Before offering you working from home tips, let's figure out the the new woking situation that you may face in the future:

The Current Working Situation

The outbreak of the pandemic has brought about the recession of world economy. As one of the service industry, photography business also won’t be exempt from the financial impact. 

Accodring to the new rules, I think I will have to close my studio until the 2nd lockdown has been lifted. Were advised to work from home if we can. But how can us photographers work from home...there are so many confusions! " said a photographer. 

So how can photographers work from home? In the following part, you will get 5 helpful Working From Home Tips, which intend to help you be clear about the challenges that lie ahead and know what you can do to optimise working from home. They are:

  • Set a Workspace in Your Home

It can be a big challenge for photographers when it comes to working from home is separating your daily life from work. If you used to working in the studio and there are requirements to finish the job in home, it’s time to set up a home studio or designated a space for sessions in your house. Otherwise, your work  and your home life may have impacts on each other. Entering a workspace will help you quickly enter the working state and raise your work productivity. If there are some questions on starting a home studio, please read: How Much Space Do You Need For Studio/Home Photography ?

  • Take This Opportunity to Improve Your Skills

If you have to stop your business temporarily for some inevitable reasons, don't get depressed, get busy! You can absolutely take this opportunity to improve your current skills through online courses and try some New Ideas that you've never tried.Eliminate unnecessary subscriptions and expenses. Spend more time in researching light use and photo editing, in order to achieve better works after this time. Moreover, decrease unnecessary expenses and postpone the investment in new equipment to cope with income decrease and save the budget.

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Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

  • New Working Habits

As the spread of COVID-19 is still happening, photographers need to adapt new working habits according to related personal protection management from health agencies and governments. As the virus can spread through contact infection, physical contact needs to be avoided for everyone’s sake. Also, you should be highly aware of what you and your clients are touching during the sessions, disinfect your equipment and studio and wash your hands frequently.

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  • Start Your Online Business

When working from home, It is important for a photographer that your work can reach the audience and your clients. Then you should consider to start or update your online business this time. Updating your site with your most recent work, or start a blog by Wordpress. Make your website reach your potential future clients. It will also be necessary to learn some basic skills of promoting the SEO of your website to boost your traffic.

If you think personal website is complicated to achieve traffic and income in short time, then social media channels are good to try. When it comes to promoting yourself, your portfolio, or your photography work through online social networks, the prospect can be downright scary. Which platforms should be used? How to promote your works? How to get traffic and audience?

Well, getting started with social media marketing isn’t an easy overnight process. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, 500px,etc. Feel free to add more to this list. And make sure you’re website is listed in every one of them! Maintaining social media can be a day job. If you want step-by-step guide on how to start you photography business on social media, you can check this: The Photographers Guide to Social Media

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

Communicate and Share!

If you don’t usually work from home, chances are there will be some bumps in this time if you have to suddenly start your work at home. The key to resolve these bumps is communication—especially with your clients, partners and suppliers.

Plans can be easily changed in a time like this, You’ll also encounter some problems as you try to do your job in your home under limited conditions, such as lack of necessary equipment or compliments from clients.

Make a To-Do list, check out the coming plans and consider how you’ll convey changes or assignments. Don’t confine your communications to emails or text messages, try to talk with your clients through phones or video chat. Online face-to-face communications will better convey your ideas and explanations.

Please feel free to reach out to someone for help. You can always achieve inspirations, and new relations through share and communications in those familiar communities. And this will help you positively face the difficulty and uncertainty!

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

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