5 Classy & Cute Photo Props Inspiration for You!

5 Classy & Cute Photo Props Inspiration for You!

Many photography business are gradually returning to normal. Meanwhile, shipment is also recovering. Hope you have started to plan your future sessions, and receive your adorable backdrops!

Once receiving new backdrops, many of us are looking for prop inspirations and ideas, especially those who are less experienced on particular theme. Props can be really handy because they enrich the compositions and interactions.

What can easily boost your creativity in your photos? Photography props will always spark ideas. Here are 5 top tips for necessary photography props, which will help you to create a compelling story.

Floor Drops for Good Transitions

Good transition can add amazing visual effects to your final works. If you want to make your background look as realistic as possible, while cover the ends of the backdrop, floor drop is the essential gear besides various props. Let the backdrop extend right onto a matching floor drop and they end up blending pretty well! You can be assured there will always be a drop that meet your requirements.

Baby Photography Props: 

Adorable handmade newborn photography props including blankets, baby wraps,  hampers, scarves, hair bows, newborn hats & pants, wood branch nests, baby cocoons and bowls, swaddle sacks and much more. Ensure that your chosen props are sufficiently comfortable and safe.

Baby Photography Props can not only protect and comfort your babies, but can also make it easier when your children do not cooperate positively. For example, posing pods or cloth are necessary gears for posing you baby models more naturally.

Create Cake Smash

Cake smash / birthday photography props can include cakes, sequin backgrounds, confetti garland, photo frame, balloons, glitter lace crowns, fashion sunglasses and birthday themed outfits. What you want is to direct your viewer’s attention to the beautiful colors and exaggerated poses.  You can use your imagination to make your props work for you, even ‘smash cakes’ and make a mess.

Family Photo Props

The focal point of family photo should absolutely be your family! But the addition of a photo prop or two will draw the eye of the viewer too! Keep  props as less and realistic as possible, in order to keep the focus on the connection between the family.

Props such as a couch, chairs, stools, or a ladder can help add different posing options to the same location. Chalkboards, signs, wooden letters, or scrabble tiles can help you spell out and convey a specific message. All in all, choose props that will help your family interact for natural, candid photos.

Festival & Holiday Props

There is no rules in choosing props for festivals or holiday sessions, you can always find festival themed props for special days, or those you just like them. Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas, or even the seasons, there are always multiple choices among their exclusive props and outfits. They can add an air of joy and happiness. You can visit our prop page to prepare for your future sessions!

Of course, you can also have your own DIY props!


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