Why You Need Backdrop Clips | Clamps?

Why You Need Backdrop Clips | Clamps?

20 MAR, 2020 | BY DYLAN YU

There are sometimes difficulties in installing your backdrop smoothly and quickly start your sessions. ‘It just keeps wrinkled, and fluttering, and fluttering...’ Some of you may even find that your stand pole comes in a smaller diameter, which means it is too big and loose for holding your backdrops up. And that makes the background looks uneven in your photos.

These little issues gradually drive you mad and break the shooting. You’re in need to find an easy solution to carry on. Here, let me introduce a nice assistant for you, which can always work like a charm when solving the issues. That is—— Backdrop clips/clamps!

What Is Backdrop Clips / Clamps ?

To keep your backdrop pulled smooth and tight, you can believe backdrop clips & clamps. Backdrop clamps are essential accessories in your sessions. Here are two classical types for your information!

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Backdrop clips are extremely useful in positioning and gripping your background. They've consisted of metal clips and environmental protection reinforced nylon rope. They are small but durable. They can support any size of fabric backdrops. (Microfiber or Muslin)

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Each steel spring clip is light-weighted but durable. They are small but efficient, with high strength. When you use backdrop clips, you will always need a set of them, like 6pcs a set or 12pcs a set. Only one or two can not function very well, but a set of them will always work for you!



Backdrop Clamp is made of steel and rubber. It is bigger than clip and it can clamp thicker, heavier things and large size backdrops. It can firmly keep your drops in place.

It features high strength, springs of high strength and toughness, good elasticity. The edges of clamps are wrapped with soft rubber,  which can avoid damaging your backdrops. Backdrop clamps are convenient and quick, you need only one or two at a time to set your backdrops. However, it is not as flexible as clips, which can not be adjusted flexibly during the session.


Why you need Backdrop Clips & Clamps

The reasons for investing in quality backdrop clips/clamps can become painfully obvious when working without them. It will always bother you if you can’t arrange backdrops ASAP during the sessions. Backdrop clips make it possible to set your backdrops on-location in different circumstances and help you remove the wrinkles. Therefore,  they are a must if you are using backdrop stands not attached to a wall.

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Nothing gets in the way with the backdrop clips & clamps. Whether you want to set up your backdrops in the corner of a small studio, to fix the bottom or sides of the backdrop to tighten up it more, or temporarily install somewhere according to requirements when shooting outdoors,  they can make it possible to set your backdrops on-location in different circumstances and help you remove the wrinkles during the sessions. ‘They're so amazing for getting out all the wrinkles!’ 

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How To Use (Clips as an example)

  1. Simply strap them onto one upright of backdrop stand, clip them on the side of the backdrop, and then pull the rope to make the background tight.
  2. Use clips to hold backdrop straight, in order to avoid the wrinkles when you set or replace the backdrops during the sessions.
  3. Set clips at the bottom of the stand to accommodate the backdrop near parallel to the ground.
  4. Adjust the clips according to the on-location circumstance and strap them to the stand or somewhere you need.



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