What Kind of Backdrop Design Do you Want This Summer?

What Kind of Backdrop Design Do you Want This Summer?

Summertime is always a fun, beautiful, refreshing time of year. It brings the summer weddings, beach & pool party and family picnic! What a wonderful time for taking photos!

Our talented photographers have begun their preparations for their very own special summertime photo shoots! As you may need to spend more time staying home, what’s your ideas about planning a Summer photography at home? Here are some creative ideas of using backdrops and props for you Summer photography this season!

Leaves & Flowers

Color is the essence of summertime photography. When you search for beauties around you, you can always find colors on leaves and flowers. Bright colors of summer plants can be a representative of vigor and health, and these elements can be the perfect solution for kids photography or a baby shower!

DIY Balloons Background

You make planning a photo session for a summer party or a summer wedding. On-trend balloon wall is a perfect choice!. Find balloons in every shade of colors and blow them up to various sizes to make a balloon wall. It will be the best background for you to capture the authentic emotions of your friends, gathering outside, laughing and eating together.

Please remember to check the color wheel to find the best combinations before creating your own balloon walls!

Beach Party Sets

It’s too hot, and you’d like to go nowhere but join a beach party? Build a sunny beach sets and imagine you’re splashing in the waves and building elaborate sandcastles with this sandy scene.

Choose a Summer-sea-beach backdrop, bring the sunny beach into your house. But don’t forget a "sand" floor drop or a fleece blanket matching with your beach scene. Moreover, crushed graham crackers, beach toys and sea shells will also make the transition smooth.

Summer Fruits

The best thing to cool down during summertime is fresh, sweet fruit! What screams summer more than a bright pink watermelon? Strawberry, watermelon, lemon, avocado...each of them can be the ornaments or even the theme of your session!

Summer picnic

It’s a perfect time for family picnic! Colorful, delicious fruits are everywhere. Chill with summer drinks, enjoy appetizers with families and friends, you can even shoot a cake smash. Food will become an indispensable role in your Summer photography!

Choose a Nice Summer Backdrop

Want to build a chic Summer sets in your studio? There is no doubt that Summer Backdrops will greatly enhance the season atmosphere. It will help create a bright and beautiful environment for your sessions and will enrich the colors and storytelling of the image. There are so many new featured backdrops for your Summertime sessions. Check out our 2020 Summer Backdrop Collections for more inspirations!


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