New Spring & Easter Designs For You!

New Spring & Easter Designs For You!

28 FEB, 2020 | BY Kate Backdrop

As flowers start to blossom, the weather warms up, you can tell spring is just around the corner! Freshness of spring walks into your house from outside, and you can hear the wind singing, breathe the fresh and cool air and dissolve you soul in nature. Springtime is always a fun, beautiful, refreshing time of year, and it also brings the Easter holiday and amazing photo opportunities.

From the end of winter, our talented and creative photographers have begun their preparations for Spring & Easter mini sets or sessions. Many of them have shared their works and also search for inspirations. We have collected many related inquiries like ‘Need a spring backdrop for preschoolers and Easter drop, who has ideas?’, and we also have updated many new Easter designs.

Want to know more ideas about planning your Easter sessions? Here are some brilliant Easter themed works shared in Group, as well as some new designs for you!






There are more awesome Spring & Easter themed photos shared in Europe Group, you will always get inspirations for your sessions. And Kate also offers lots of new Spring & Easter backdrops for you this year! If you are now planning Easter mini sessions or spring portraits, we believe these new designs will fit your needs!

Celebrate Easter this spring with a large collection of new backdrops!


ZJ-HJ17784-E-1 【Kate Carrot Patch Easter Backdrop Designed by Megan Leigh Photography】


ZJ-HJ17781-E-1 【Kate Spring Colorful Flowers Barn Door Backdrop Designed by Megan Leigh Photography】


 ZJ-HJ17775-E-1【Kate Spring Pink Floral Backdrop for Photography Designed by Sarah Timmerman】


ZJ-HFB0038-E-1【Kate Spring\Easter Green Leaves Backdrop Designed by Jia Chan Photography】


ZJ-HFB0036-E-1 【Kate Spring\Easter Floral Egg Decoration Backdrop Designed by Jia Chan Photography】


ZJ-HFB0039-E-1 【Kate Spring Sunflower Backdrop Designed by Jia Chan Photography】


 ZJ-HB1F200217-E-1 【Kate Spring\Easter Decorations Barn Door Backdrop Designed By Victoria】


 ZJ-HA1E200218-E-1 【Kate Spring Flower Shop Backdrop Designed By Claire】


ZJ-HA1E200208-E-1 【Kate Spring Flower White Window Room Backdrop Designed By Claire】


ZJ-HJ17806-E-1 【Kate Easter with Floral Decoration and Rabbit Backdrop Designed By Angela Marie Photography】


For more inspirations, please check out our 2020 Easter Backdrop Collections!

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