How To Plan  A Nice Valentine’s Day Mini Session (Part Two)

How To Plan A Nice Valentine’s Day Mini Session (Part Two)

25 JAN, 2019 | BY YU CHENHAO

After the basic issues and setups have been well planned and prepared, photographers may start to ask themselves several questions: What compositions should I apply in one session? What poses are appropriate for the subject? How to highlight the emotions and my photo style that I want to express?

The main purpose to answer these questions is to rehearse the session in mind in advance, make detailed planning and try every effort to make the photos perfect. The secret to a one-of-a-kind Valentine’s Day photo not only lies in its staging, but also in the scheme of your photography.  And photography skills, expertise and creation that a photographer shows in the session attach more significance to a Valentine’s Day photo.

So, after the basic issues and setups have been well planned and prepared, you can start to consider the compositions, poses and other unique details based on them.

Creative Compositions

With thoughtful compositions and symbolism, you will tell a good story by your camera in a visual but silent way. A sweet or a cozy moment being experienced by the couples, kids and families, the affection through their eyes, or reconstruction of an unforgettable memory, personalities and festival atmosphere are presented through the portrait, while the certain composition defines the subject(s), reveals the feelings and relations.

A full body shot with different angles can frame your subjects while highlighting the environment your subjects are in. Also, concentrating on detailed through closer upshot like face shot, neck down a shot or even a close-up shot on your hook fingers are also interesting, which can express or imply the factors of ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘who’.

A creative symmetric composition will create an aesthetic image and reveal a strong connection among the subjects. Don’t forget to leave a certain negative space, in order to eliminate distractions and reveals the mental states. If you are going to shoot a kid, take traditional mid-length shots, overhead shots and some up close and personal detail shots. Try some candid shots, which will bring you unexpected surprise.

Creative Poses

Start with poses your clients like will always be good, for they most understand themselves or with each other. But if your clients are not familiar with shooting or they are kids, they may need your inspiration. Common poses are reliable, but you can also try some more creative, complicated poses to better express.

Ask him to brush her hair back, just slightly. Or ask him to kiss her forehead. The couple can be snuggling side by side on the soft surface blanket in the same gesture. The sweetheart pillows her head on his arm while he holds her head in his arms, and both of them lie on the axis of the blanket. See, these complicated pose gives the image-rich compositions.

So a combination of different poses is a good choice for your session, no matter for the in love shoots, families or kiddie valentine’s day shoots.

Besides fixed poses, you can also try candid shots for unexpected surprise or first-person view shots. That means you do not need to guide the poses but create a natural, relax environment for your clients, especially for kids. Just use the camera as your eyes, and capture the great moments when you’re holding hands.



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