How to Capture The Wonderful Moments of The Dancers?

How to Capture The Wonderful Moments of The Dancers?

In simple terms: high sensitivity, high speed, follow continuous shooting.

One is to use a high-speed shutter. The dancer's movements change very quickly. To gather a wonderful moment, you need a relatively high shutter speed. It is recommended to be more than 1/500 seconds.

The second is to increase the sensitivity. This is related to the increase of the shutter speed. Since the dancers are often indoors and lack of illumination, it is difficult to achieve a faster shutter speed without increasing the ISO. ISO1600-3200 is recommended.

The third is the lens to follow. The camera keeps the dancers, the fingers are always on the shutter, and there is a wonderful action to press the shutter and high-speed continuous shooting. If you look It’s best to dance through the dancers, so that you can predict the focus of the shooting on the wonderful action.

The camera is best to set the face lock tracking focus function, in order to capture the focus in an instant, and the focus is good, and the large aperture is not easy to fales due to the short depth of field.

The location of the shot should be chosen well, and a good position angle is very important. It is often necessary to exercise the basic skills of capturing dynamic momentary capture ability, which is good for shooting dance.

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