3 Composition Tips for Couple Portraits | Valentine’s Day

3 Composition Tips for Couple Portraits | Valentine’s Day

14 DEC,2019 | by DYLAN YU

When it comes to a couple of portraits, photographers are always in pursuit of some special skills in order to make the romantic works quite unique, at least doomed to no mediocrity. For the main characters in the portraits——the couple themselves, there has been so much conversation about couples portrait photography tends to concentrate on pose, but ignore that framing the couple in an appropriate, creative way can be just as critical.

Those great poses or love feelings can never be completely expressed if there is an abuse of classic compositions or even no composition, let alone telling a love story. Good photographers are always dedicated in exploring unique shots with thoughtful composition and symbolism that tell a story in a visual but silent way.

A good composition can always tell a good story, especially about characters. A sweet moment being experienced by the couple, the affectionateness through his or her eyes, or reconstruction of an unforgettable memory, all the elements are presented in the portrait, while the certain composition defines the couple and reveals the relations between the gestures, motions, positions and both sides

Here are some composition tips for your couple portraits:

Define the couple

How you couple are shown visually can tell viewers a lot about who you are and how people are supposed to see you. A full body shot which can not only frame both of you but also highlight the environment you are in, or a closer up shot like face shot, neck down shot or even a close-up shot on your hook fingers, can express or imply the factors of ‘when’, ‘where’ and ‘who’.

Shots mentioned above provide a general or a detailed, intimate look at the couple, convey the characters’ emotional state of mind and guide the viewer to guess or understand the love story shared by the couple. The characters in the portrait will be immediately molded.

Reveal the Relationship Between the Couple

How the couple is positioned in a portrait reveals some details of the relationship between them. A well-designed composition by positioning the couple subtly can create extra meaning and tell the story of how characters feel about each other in ways that transcend dialogue.

The relation is something that can always be perceived rather than expressed. It not only presents great details of what it means to you but also has shaped and connected your lives together in significant ways.

A strong connection can be revealed in a symmetric composition as an example. The couple may be snuggling side by side on the soft surface blanket in the same gesture. Your sweetheart pillows her head on your arm while you hold her head in your arms, and both of you are lying on the axis of the blanket. The portrait highlights the physical and emotional connection between you two, and the camera may even capture your soulful, longing stare.

Leave Negative Space

Leave a certain empty space (‘negative space’) around the couple, in order to keep the image simple and minimalist. It eliminates distractions and reveals their mental states and their place in the world. The empty space around the couple or in the background can offer extra environmental information which endows extra connotation to the love of the couple.

What other compositions stand out to you as great choices of visual romantic storytelling? Let us know in the comments!


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