Fabric Backdrop vs Seamless Paper: Which is Right for You?

Fabric Backdrop vs Seamless Paper: Which is Right for You?

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14 FEB, 2020 | BY DYLAN YU

As well-known among photographers, a right backdrop can infuse originality and your personal style into your sessions. You select one by its style, color or patterns printed on it, and anticipate how well it complements your subjects.

A backdrop may make a difference in the final image, but how to choose a background right for you? What impacts its style or printing? Well, it shall be the material of a backdrop.

Materilas of Backdrops

Why some background seems to to be brightly colored in your final works while others can leave a complex and professional impact? Even sharing the same color or image, different materilas will affect the performance of backdrops in your photos.

Photography backdrops come in various materials, and two in particular seem to be most commonly used in most of occasions: Fabric(cloth) and seamless paper. To help your improve your photo session, here is a deep introduction to the two basic materials, in order to help you choose the right one.

Seamless Paper Backdrops

Seamless paper Background has been popular among photographers for more than decades. It provides a smooth, dry and non-reflecting paper surface. Unlike most backdrop made of fabric, the seamless paper is not wrinkle-resistant, and when there are creases, scratches or stains on it, you just need to cut the damaged parts off. It shall be rolled up to store and no need to wash as with microfiber. Accordingly, it is not that durable for its material.

Paper backdrops are commonly used for solid color backdrops. It is less expensive and portable, and vivid colors of paper backdrops can do good assistant in commercial portraits, product photography, art projects and more.

Fabric Backdrops

Fabric like muslin, microfiber, canvas are always applied for making backdrops. Let's take microfiber as an example. Microfiver is made of special fabric and it gives an overall professional look. This material can be easily folded and makes the backdrop portable. The sturdy, wrinkle-resistant fabric is more appropriate to have vivid colors and realistic image printed on it. With high-definition printing technology, microfiber backdrops can come in variety of styles and designs. You can even custom a microfiber backdrop according to your originality or requirements! For this reason, microfiber backdrop collection can always provide fun and styles.

Compared with paper backdrops, microfiber backdrops have richer styles and can be applied in more occasions. It is soft, durable and washable safe. It can also be folded and easily clean and store. There is no need to worry about frequent use. You can always choose a microfiber backdrop with of particular style or image which will be suitable for you.

Choose The Backdrops For Your Subject

In portrait photography, it is important for a photographer to choose the right background for the subject. What do you want to mainly express in your works?  Specific backgrounds or environments can reveal the inner world of your subject, which means a backdrop should fit your subject. With this in mind, you can choose the style of a backdrop according to your subject, your clients requirements and your creativity.

Also, after knowing the features of the above two kinds of backdrops, you may have been clear that when you need a microfiber backdrop or a seamless paper backdrop. Budget, use frequency, requirements of sessions... you need to consider these factors when choosing a backdrop. No one texture is better than another — it all depends on which style works best for you.




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