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To celebrate the Lunar New Year, our factory will be closed on the following days: Jan.30,2021 — Feb.20, 2021. During this time, you are still free to place your orders! We have made a lot of preparations, and carried a large stock of the most of products, in order to ensure your buying experience.


For all the orders placed during Jan.30,2021 — Feb.20, 2021, there will be a little delay in shipment. We will try every effort to reduce the shipment delay.  And as is mentioned above,you are still free to place your orders! So don’t worry.


For the orders placed before Jan.29, they will still be processed and dispatched before Jan.30. So if you want to receive your backdrops on time, seize this opportunity! BUY NOW!


PLEASE NOTE: For all the orders placed in February,2021↓


1. All The Products in Stock(For the orders placed in February,2021)

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    2. 25% OFF for Products Out of Stock (Pre-Sale Products) Can Also Be Preordered

    • Promo Code: LNY25
    • Date: Feb.1,2021 - Feb.28,2021

    Please Note:

        • (For the orders placed in February,2021)All the orders of products out of stock (Pre-sale Products) will be processed and dispatched after Mar.1, 2021.

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    3. If you need rush order( Only for products in stock ), or you want custom products,please remember to contact us: ( Before place your order ).


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