What lens is better for shooting portraits?

What lens is better for shooting portraits?

Have you tried shooting a portrait of a character with a better lens? Here are some suggestions for you.
The shooting of portraits takes a certain position in the photographer's homework. It is easy to take portraits, but it is difficult to shoot well.
In general, the shooting of portraits requires at least three elements.

1)There is personality - only the characteristics of him (the object being photographed) and others do not.

2)There is a charm - to express the feelings, to express the charm of the characters.

3)To use the light and shadow - the use of light and shadow means to achieve supernatural.

Because of these special requirements of the portrait, the descriptive characteristics of the lens are determined, and the lens is required to be accurately focused. The lens is required to have sufficient sharpness and a clear layer, and the lens aperture is required to be large, and the lens color is required to be bright and contrasting.

Based on the above requirements, in addition to the general delicate, soft, bright, sharpness requirements of the lens, there must be no obvious distortion and distortion, so the focal length of the lens should be around 40-90.

Based on these analyses, it is not difficult to find that the portrait of a person is suitable for using a zoom lens or a fixed-focus lens with a focal length of 40-90; the zoom lens has certain convenience advantages when used, but the imaging effect is not as good as the fixed-focus lens; When conditions permit, it is recommended to use a fixed-focus lens of 50-85 or so, preferably a "golden circle" or a "red circle" fixed focus, so as to be fully guaranteed from the material conditions.

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