The Basic Skills of Shooting Pets

The Basic Skills of Shooting Pets

Nowadays more and more people are choosing to keep pets. Almost every family will have one or two small pets, mainly dogs. Then you will definitely take pictures of the puppy, leaving a good moment, pet photography is a little difficult, it can not understand the human language, will be afraid of the lens, keep running, this is the camera's focus speed requirements, Need to keep capturing. Today, I will bring you two kinds of pet shooting skills, so that you can be handy when shooting pets, and friends who like pets can learn about it.

  • Cat Shooting

The cat is moving, its body is soft, it runs very fast, you want to take a good cat, you need more patience, more time, and better luck. Cats are often reluctant to let you shoot, you can try these methods.
1) Wait patiently. When a cat is interested in something in the environment, it may be able to make some interesting moves at any time when it is half-awake, without paying attention to you. For example, flipping its belly, licking its claws, and grabbing things...

2)Ready to take a photo at any time. You can take a lighter camera and wait to be ready to take these more interesting moments. The daily behavior of the cat is really interesting, which requires the photographer to have some patience and always be prepared.


3) Covertly shooting. You can shoot your cat across the flowers or from the gaps between the leaves; at home, try to pat the cat through the seams, the gaps between the tables and chairs, or the holes in the walls.

4)Open a large aperture. Let the foreground and background blur, and keep the plane of the cat's face clear, such a picture is very layered, and the foreground scene itself provides a wealth of scene information.

5)Another way is to borrow the props to tease the cat. It is not easy to let the cat look at the camera for a long time, but it is not difficult to let it look at the camera for a short time. Set the shooting parameters in advance, and then you can start to draw attention. You can set up a tripod and do some movements, such as shaking, tearing a paper bag to make a sound, or simply making a strange sound with your mouth. The attention of the cat will be attracted to the lens. At the moment when it stares curiously at the camera, you can capture the continuous shot.


  • Dog Shooting

The dog is the best friend of mankind. This sentence is not a fake. The dog will respond positively to the owner's instructions and interactions. You can use this to make them put out various POSEs to find the best lighting conditions and Filming angle.

1) Running dog. You can let the dog stay where it is, go to more than 10 meters away, and then call it to run over; or throw the frisbee/stick and let it come back, or let people jog with it and shoot it while running Dynamic picture. It is best to shoot on the ground, grasp the rhythm of it's running, capture the moment of its "forefoot" or four feet at the same time, such photos are the most dynamic and interesting. This requires a very high shutter speed to capture the moment when the four corners are off the ground, and the camera is to shoot on the ground and shoot up.
2) Dog's smile. After strenuous exercise, the dog is likely to open his mouth and tongue to dissipate heat. The expression on his face will become very similar to the human "smile". The expression of this moment is captured from the front, super cute. There are also funny dogs that use props and food to attract the attention of the dog. For example, when the dog looks up at you, it is super cute, and the lens can be slightly awkward, not so positive.
3) Posing with your dog. Many people have already regarded dogs as part of the family, and they like to have a photo with them. The dog will interact with the owner and it is good to do some POSE with the dog.
Well, today's pet photography skills are shared here, or you need to practice and shoot more. Use keen observation to capture beautiful moments.

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