How to Photograph a BABY

How to Photograph a BABY

10 JAN, 2019 | BY DYLAN YU

Baby photography has significant meaning for both parents and children, as it records the baby’s course of growth and emotions which can be a nice memory. It requires patience, meticulous care, and a true heart.

Baby photography is relatively uncontrollable and unpredictable. It makes photography more difficult but is also the most interesting kind. You may never know what kind of surprise the baby will bring about in front of your camera. It brings out the joy, anxiety and a sense of achievement, which can be full of freshness for even the most seasoned photographers.

Here are 4 tips for your baby photography.

Create a Safe and Baby-Friendly Environment

Safety is always a priority for baby photography. If you are not a professional photographer, never place a newborn baby inside a prop alone which may endanger the baby, or let him or her alone in a complex studio without taking proper precautions. Ensuring safety is always the priority.

Then, if you want the baby to keep relax and patient while the lights change, the equipment makes noises and the props are adjusted in your house or a studio, you need to do some prep work to create a baby-friendly environment.

For example, when you take photos for newborns, you can remove the clutter or unnecessary settings and prepare a small space heater to warm the area up. The baby is less likely to fuss if the temperature is comfortable.

Choose The Proper Focus Mode

It is hard to predict or arrange a baby’s poses and movements when shooting, especially for active ones. In such a situation, AF-C (autofocus continuously) mode will help assist the photographer's focus accurately. The digital SRL will automatically keep the focus on your subject, in order to get a clear image all along.

For example, your baby is tottering around, the focus will stay on him or her so long as your shutter button is held halfway down. In other words, the camera will keep re-focusing as the kid moves.

Master The Poses or Just let the Baby Move

As we said above, it’s not easy to have posed shots for babies. So you can try to hold the baby in your arms or gently move the baby’s body, in order to master the poses.

For beginners of baby photography, however, there is a better choice: let the baby move. The baby may wiggle, knock, and rollover, but the best poses and the most natural facial expressions may come out from these moments.It is also a good opportunity for close-up shots. For example, if the baby falls asleep, you can capture the image of those adorable fingers and little feet, or the smiling face.

Take Candid Shots In Various Ways

For baby photography, wonderful moments can be fleeting, while being posed might be difficult. Take candid shots quickly and accurately, and you will capture one or two best moments through many shots. Thus it is strongly recommended to take numerous candid shots for baby in fast, accurate as well as various ways ( Vary in lighting, color, composition, etc).

To capture the best or the most natural moments, along with good preparations, you will get better photos of your baby.



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